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Quickly switching backgrounds

March 23, 2008

You can choose from several different background layers using the preferences/options window (the tick icon). But if you’d like to quickly switch between them, you can also use the function keys. The keys are in the same order as the menu, so:

f1: none
f2: OpenAerialMap
f3: Yahoo
f4: Mapnik
f5: Osmarender
f6: Maplint (errors)
f7: cycle map
f8: out-of-copyright map (as of Potlatch 0.8)

If you hold down Shift while pressing any of these keys, it will dim the layer (show it at just 50%), so that ways and points stand out more clearly.

Remember that Potlatch will automatically hide the Yahoo layer in the event that there’s no imagery for the zoom level you’re at. In that case, switching to OpenAerialMap will give you magnified aerial imagery (Landsat).


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