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Potlatch 0.8

March 25, 2008

I’m delighted to say Potlatch v0.8 is now live.

Relations support

Thanks to Dave Stubbs, Potlatch now has really good support for relations. This means you can easily create long-distance routes, holes in areas, and other as-yet-undecided uses.

Relations have of course existed in OSM for several months, but I’ve held off adding support into Potlatch until we could get the UI right, and I think Dave’s work does exactly that.

Any relations that a way(/point/POI) belongs to will show up in the tags panel, with the rest of your tags. Relations are also marked on the map with an extra colour band. Clever bit: if you move your pointer over the relation, Potlatch will highlight all the other members!

To edit a relation, just click on it, and you’ll get a pop-up tag editing panel.

To add a way/whatever to a relation, use the new little “link” icon on the right, then select a nearby relation from the menu (or “Create a new relation”).

And to change the way’s ‘role’ in a relation, just type it into the little text box within the relation, on the tag panel.

There’s a couple of refinements to come for future versions, but this, I think, is a really great start.

Improved tag editing

In conjunction with the above, I’ve rewritten a lot of Potlatch’s tag editing code. Changes include:

  • You can now use colons in keys
  • Tag panel resizes with the window
  • Very subtle scrollbar when there’s too many tags to fit (possibly too subtle :) )
  • Explicit ‘delete’ (X) button for each tag
  • Various bugs removed (e.g. clicking autocomplete on freeform fields)

There are many changes under the hood so a few new bugs have been introduced; there’ll be a 0.8a in a couple of days, but as ever, let me know of any via trac, the wiki or mail.

Out-of-copyright layer

There’s now an out-of-copyright background layer available.

It doesn’t really have any maps in it though. :) Thus far there are a few tiles of Anglesey and the Chester area at zoom level 14 only. I’ll be adding the rest of Wales soon and then starting on England. If there’s anywhere in England you have a burning need for, please add your requests to the wiki.

The layer is deliberately called “out-of-copyright” rather than “New Popular Edition”, because it would be good to get other o-o-c maps on there too. If you have out-of-copyright maps, and some knowledge of Perl and projections, let me know and we can discuss adding them.


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