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Potlatch 0.8b

April 23, 2008

An update release with a bunch of bugfixes, preset changes and little enhancements.

Perhaps the biggest news is for US mappers: Potlatch now supports OpenTopoMap as a background layer, which provides USGS topo maps. These provide countryside detail missing from the street-centred TIGER data, and should help OSM’s Stateside coverage become much richer. (Thanks to Chris Schmidt for setting this up.)

There’s a couple of small improvements to the GPX track import, but I’ll post separately about those.

What else? When you delete a way (Shift-Delete), Potlatch now warns you if any of the points on the way are tagged. And it no longer squawks if you try to undelete a way with more than 200 points – which should help for those embarrassing whoops-I-just-deleted-the-entire-Australian-coastline moments.

I’ve already got a fairly long todo list for 0.8c (notably the ability to search for relations) – but for now, enjoy 0.8b.


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