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Potlatch 0.9

May 8, 2008

Three new features in the latest Potlatch!

The main one is that there’s now an undo tool, which will reverse the last thing you did. Just click the arrow icon in the bottom left to undo, or press Z. (Hovering your mouse over the icon will show you what the action was.)

This is very much a first stab at it: there are a couple of little gremlins still to iron out, and a few things that it won’t undo (such as anything involving relations). It’ll get smoother in the coming weeks; as ever, if you spot a problem, you can report it here or on trac.

Secondly, you can now drag entire ways. This has been added specifically to make it easier to edit the US TIGER data, which is often badly aligned.

And finally, if you’re working with a background image (such as Yahoo or the New Popular Edition), pressing Caps Lock will make the ways and points translucent so that you can see the background more clearly.


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  1. Oyvind permalink

    Could you add an option to turn off the ability to drag entire ways? Used Potlatch today and ended up moving whole roads that I did not mean to move…!

  2. Kweejee permalink

    I’d also like a way to turn off moving ways. I didn’t notice I moved a road until I had already added a point to it. When I went to revert there were too many changes in history to see the one I want to revert to. Having the ability to scroll through history would be really helpful also.

  3. Kweejee permalink

    The translucent feature is really useful.

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