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More NPE

July 15, 2008

One for the UK mappers: Potlatch now has a big chunk more of the out-of-copyright New Popular Edition map to trace from. The coverage now includes the West Midlands and Cotswolds, which joins neatly with the Welsh coverage previously available. As ever, you’ll need to be editing at zoom level 14, and select the right background layer, to see it.

Suffolk and the South-West will be next. And I won’t bore you with the trials and tribulations of trying to get the rectifying code to work on OS X 10.5 (Leopard)…


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  1. Oliver permalink

    Hi Richard

    Great news. NPE is really useful where Yahoo aerial photos are not available. I had a look in Oxforshire ( and found that one of the sheets seems to be shifted by a constant offset. Not sure if this is a bug or an inherent problem.

  2. Richard permalink

    That’s a bug – sorry! I suspect I probably put the wrong origin in for the Cirencester/Lechlade sheet. Will have a go at fixing it tonight/tomorrow.

  3. Great stuff, I will clearly have to allocate some late evenings when the Suffolk data arrives! If you could include Bury St Edmunds in time for the mapping party there in mid August that would be very helpful as well.

  4. Richard permalink

    Ok, have mostly fixed the Cirencester/Lechlade area – just the top row of the sheet is in the wrong place now; will try and sort that asap.

    Peter – four sheets of Suffolk are on there for you now; think of it as a thank you for the very wonderful OSM Mapper! The Lake District has been added, too.

  5. Steve Chilton permalink

    Richard – thanks for prompt response for NPE Lakes. Will have a look later.

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