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Potlatch 0.10 is live

July 18, 2008
…and hopefully there’s something for everyone.
If you’re a map editor, the biggest change is that tagged nodes in ways are now indicated with a little black circle – so you can see traffic lights, mini-roundabouts, railway stations, gates etc. etc.
If you’re a non-English speaker, Potlatch might now appear in your language. Lots of people have helped out by supplying translations on the wiki – feel free to supply more. Any changes you make will show up next time I commit a Potlatch change.
If you’re a Rails port hacker – amf_controller now speaks your language. :)
User interface changes include a more prominent “loading ways” animation at the top right. You can also call Potlatch with &way=12345 or &node=56789 in the query string – added specially for ito!’s excellent OSM Mapper tool.
There’ve been a number of changes under the hood, too, such as a major rewrite of Potlatch’s node handling, and all projection now being done in Potlatch itself rather than on the server. I’d expect a handful of little issues to crop up – as ever, you can report them on trac. Thanks to all those who’ve helped in one way or another.

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  1. Steve Chilton permalink

    Thanks for the continued development effort. Just had a first look and I am already liking the tagged-node-on-way identification feature.

  2. Daniel "bengibollen" Nilsson permalink

    Great job! I’ve always found potlatch being a great tool, and it’s getting even better.

  3. Germán permalink

    I’m new to it, and it shows in Spanish for me, which is OK… I have stumbled with the localisation bug when creating relations — tried to make it work in English by changing the setting in Firefox but it still shows in Spanish :(

  4. John permalink

    It’s not appearing in my language either, which is English. How do I make it revert to English when I am using an English installation of Firefox running on a German version of Windows XP? What exactly is Potlatch sniffing? Couldn’t you just make the language a user option please?

  5. Richard permalink

    I love it when people say “couldn’t you just…” – if it’s so easy, you supply the patch!

    That aside, Potlatch sniffs the language in the only way it can: system.capabilities.language in ActionScript. Maybe Firefox is a bit dumb in how it supplies that – certainly on Safari (OS X), it follows the system-wide ‘Internationalisation’ setting in System Preferences, which is what you’d expect it to do.

    I’ll give some thought to adding an option in a future release (though I dislike having to clutter the interface to cope with browser inadequacies), but until then, I believe you may be able to specify a language if you start Firefox from the command-line – people have managed to exploit that to get Potlatch localised to lolcat. ;)

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