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A couple of updates

August 1, 2008

Potlatch 0.10b is live. There’s two improvements over 0.10.

Firstly, the relations dialogue is laid out differently (this was actually 0.10a!), and has a new option to search for a relation by name or ID. So if you’re mapping a long-distance cycle route, and the only other mapped part is 50 miles away, you can still use the same relation. This has also squashed the bug where users in non-English languages couldn’t creat relations.

Secondly, you can now see history for nodes as well as ways. Just select the point or POI, then either press ‘H’ as usual, or click the ID at the bottom left.

This dialogue also gives you access to OSM’s clever data browser (click ‘More’), or to directly e-mail a user who carried out a particular edit (click ‘Mail’).

Finally, those in the UK will notice that NPE coverage has been slowly expanding and now covers Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia, the Chilterns, Cotswolds, Wessex Downs and south/central Lakes.


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