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Potlatch 0.10c

September 26, 2008

Potlatch 0.10c is now live.

Changes include:

  • little floating alerts that go beep: these show up if, for example, you try to merge two ways with differing tags, or that don’t share a point
  • locked nodes show up red: typically after importing a GPX with waypoints
  • performance improvements
  • a few new ‘advanced user’ features:
    • press K to lock/unlock a way or node
    • press M to maximise/minimise the editor window
    • press S to add a source= tag based on the current background (Yahoo/NPE)
  • major bug fixed that caused duplicate nodes when the server was slow
  • latest translation update
  • and various other bugfixes

Some really exciting stuff coming up in the next few months… more soon.


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  1. Kudos on the continued work on Potlatch! This is my only way of powerfully editing OSM since I can’t be bothered to install a Java application on my laptop. :-)

  2. Hi Richard,
    Nice work on the S shortcut, will save me heaps of time. BTW, I use source=yahoo (not source=Yahoo, which I looked up on Tagwatch ages ago to see what was most used). Just checked, and shows yahoo with 27984 and Yahoo with 4661, so “yahoo” is 6 times more popular in Europe. Also noticed npe has 33512 and NPE has 9166, not sure on that one (as I’m from Australia), but presume it’s an acronym so should probably be NPE, thoughts??

  3. Never mind all that – you’ve got the new cycle tiles as the background, so they work over the whole world. Sweet! :-)

  4. Edgemaster permalink

    Eww, I just have to say I absolutely hate the popup beepy alert thingies. It made me jump!

  5. Richard permalink

    You can turn them off – there’s an option in the preferences to do that.

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