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Still more NPE

December 4, 2008

Potlatch’s out-of-copyright layer now has New Popular Edition maps for the whole of the south of England.

That means I’ve now finished rectifying all the NPE scans, though a few areas in the North haven’t uploaded, and there are a bunch of rogue tiles hither and thither (e.g. Cardiff, Somerset). I’ve started work on fixing those and they’ll be done in forthcoming weeks.

The Scottish Popular Edition, with Mike Calder’s excellent scans, is the next challenge! At Andy Allan’s suggestion I think it might be worth opening this up for people to help with the rectification and will be considering how best to do this.


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  1. Awesome. I’m still keen to figure out some way to help with the rectification, but I’m no rectification expert :-)

  2. The rectification code is no problem – it’s the UI for entering control points that takes the work. I don’t think I can really ask people to buy Illustrator, which is what I use at the moment! But there may be an easy Flash or AJAXy solution, or maybe even Chippy’s would be suitable.

  3. why not use QGIS for points collection and GDAL for transform? Or better use fresh Georeferencer GDAL plugin to do both in QGIS.

  4. Richard permalink

    Yep, all the existing stuff has been reprojected using GDAL. QGIS – well, if possible I’d like it to be done via something that doesn’t require installation on users’ machines (i.e. web-based) or too much brainpower for me to set up. :)

  5. Iain permalink

    Any updates on how the Scottish NPE section is going and when it might be available with Potlach ?

    Also is there any help that is needed to progress this work ?

    • Richard permalink

      I haven’t really had a chance to do anything on it. I’ll see if I can get a minute to look at it and work out how people can help.

      • Justine permalink

        I’d also be happy to help if I can (although I don’t have Illustrator or much clue – just a willing pair of hands and computer)

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