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More presets!

January 21, 2009

Most of the Potlatch development work recently has been updating it to cope with API 0.6, which is why there’s nothing very much visible right now.

But, hoorah hoorah, a slightly updated new version is now live.

The main change is that there’s more presets. Lots of them: addressing, landmarks, sports, and so on. Better still, the preset ‘group’ icon doesn’t reset itself every single time, so you don’t have to keep paging through. (Funnily enough, the hardest work was drawing the icons. I’m still not that happy with the lighthouse for ‘landmark’ – it’s ok if you know what it is, but probably not otherwise…)

Another change that UK mappers will appreciate is that NPE is now offered at zoom levels 13 and 15, not just 14. (Thanks to TomH for this one.)

And, as ever, there’s a couple of little fixes in there. Nothing major enough to merit a new version number though!


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  1. The category picker is becoming a bit difficult to use, because it cycles through so many categories now. How about turning it into a separate dropdown menu? The icons can stay, but the menu itself could display text, so users know what to select.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for all your work. I noticed that Potlatch seems to have problems running with the Free swfdec Flash plugin. Is there any chance you guys might work together with the swfdec developers to make this baby run on 100% Free software?

    • Richard permalink

      It works with Gnash (GPL) and the Linux Fund is fundraising to pay strk, the genius who does a lot of the Gnash (and Ming) code, to fix the biggest problem with it – that downloading bitmap images is currently a blocking operation.

  3. Esperanza permalink

    Could it be possible to add a feature for roundabouts, for instance if you type O on keyboard you can have a circle, sizable, like the great P (parallel) feature.
    Thanks in advance

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