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Potlatch 0.11a

April 30, 2009

And another ‘behind-the-scenes’ update which is a big change technically but shouldn’t affect users much.

Potlatch itself now keeps track of nodes you’ve deleted. Previously, when you deleted some nodes from a way using Potlatch and then saved the way, Potlatch would just say to the server “here’s the new way with these nodes”. The server would then work out which nodes were in the way beforehand, and delete any that weren’t used.

Now, Potlatch says “here’s the new version of the way, and by the way could you delete these nodes please?”. So Potlatch is doing more and the server is doing less.

It should hopefully make things a little faster, as there’s now less for the server to do every time you write a way. But as ever there might be teething problems, so if you get an error message, do report it!


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  1. Nice, very glad to see the continued development of potlatch. Someone uploaded all the addresses in Denmark to Openstreetmap and now when editing anything the browser almost dies and have a lot of trouble just loading the maps. Are you aware of this problem and have you any ideas to how it can be fixed?


  2. eva permalink

    Good Work :)

  3. Mark D. permalink

    Potlatch seems to have new problems both creating and editing ways with a large (500 or more) number of points. I used to edit the Great Salt Lake shoreline without a problem. Now I edited a little bit and everything is gone except (in this case) a handy little site of green points.

    Will the lake render correctly if broken up into fifty or so natural=coastline elements going the proper direction? We are talking about something the size of a small state here.

  4. Mark D. permalink

    I was able to bring the complete shoreline back with the undelete function – not sure what happened. I still wonder what the real points per way limit is though. I tried drawing a river segment in Potlatch a couple of weeks ago with a thousand points or so, and they did not save. (butlerm)

  5. Where can I report bugs to Potlatch?

  6. manfrin permalink


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