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Potlatch 2 – vector background layers

March 19, 2010

Most people will have seen the Potlatch 2 post over at OpenGeoData a couple of months ago.

Work is progressing at a cracking pace and I think we had seven people hacking away at it in one way or another during WhereCamp EU (which was a really great event). The WhereCamp wiki has slides from the Potlatch 2 talk and notes from the hacking session.

Lots of great stuff has been added recently: really comprehensive relations support, more of the geometry basics, more UI, better stylesheets and presets, and so on. And of course two of the major new features, the user-friendly tagging system and the WYSIWYG renderer, have been up and running for a while and we’re continuing to refine them.

Today, I committed the majority of the work for the third big new feature, vector background layers. The idea behind these is to give people a better way of doing imports. Rather than importing everything direct to the server and expecting people to tidy it up afterwards, the idea is that map editors open a chunk of the imported data in Potlatch 2, then manually bring it in, taking the same amount of care that they would if mapping an area by hand. (Big chunk of code here if you like reading code.)

Thus far it allows you to open shapefiles hosted on the web: it’ll eventually let you open local files, .osm files, GPXs, all that sort of thing. As yet all the rendering/data model stuff is done, but not yet the ‘bring this into the editable layer’ function, which is the next task.

Loads more to come in the very near future, so do download the source and have a play – it’d be great to welcome you on board.


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